14 Dec

New management for Stockholm Stress Center

As previously announced, professor Mats Lekander will be the new manager of Stockholm Stress Center, starting January 1st 2017. Professor Torbjörn Åkerstedt will take a new role as assistant manager and senior advisor within the center. And associate professor Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz will also step up as assistant manager within Stockholm Stress Center.

11 Oct

Stefan Annell talar på SU:s forskardagar

Stefan Annell, fil.dr och tidigare forskarstuderande vid Psykologiska institutionen vid Stockholms universitet och Stockholm Stress Center, presenterar sin forskning vid Stockholms universitets forskardagar 2016. Ett kort smakprov finns tillgängligt här:

11 Oct

Mats Lekander new manager for Stockholm Stress Center

Professor Mats Lekander, Stockholm university and Karolinska Intitutet, will take place as new manager for the Stockholm Stress Center from January 1st 2017. Professor Torbjörn Åkerstedt will remain within the Center as Deputy manager.

09 Sep

Bianka Karshikoff receives The Töres Theorell Young Investigator Award 2015


Bianka Karshikoff, post doc at the Stress Research Institute and Karolinska Institutet, is awarded the newly founded Töres Theorell Young Investigator Award. She is awarded the prize for her thesis “Sickness Behavior: Immune System Influences on Brain and Behavior”. The award is SEK 15000 to use for visiting other research groups abroad.

17 Nov

Imaging the Sleepy Brain

Gustav Nilsonne holds lecture at the Imaging the Sleepy Brain symposium

Gustav Nilsonne holds lecture at the Imaging the Sleepy Brain symposium

At November 10th, the Imaging the Sleepy Brain symposium was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The symposium was a joint collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, The Stress Research institute and Stockholm Stress Center.

During the day, lectures by the following speakers was held:

  • Peter Fransson, KI – Functional connectivity in the human brain
  • Enzo Tagliazucchi, University of Kiel – Spontaneous brain activity fluctuations: insights from states of diminished conscious awareness
  • Philipp. G. Sämann, University of Munich – Cerebral functional network correlates of NREM sleep studied by fMRI
  • Gustav Nilsonne, KI and Stockholm university – Sleep deprivation and the brain: focus on emotion
  • Sean Drummond, UCSD – The effects of sleep deprivation on brain function and cognition
  • Peter Franzen, University of Pittsburgh – The Sleepy Teenage Brain: Implications for altered positive and negative affective function
  • Eus van Someren, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience – Large-scale internet assessment and brain imaging reveal different subtypes of insomnia.

Abstracts for the lectures are available here. 

All in all, the symposium was visited by app. 70 visitors and was a big success.