07 Nov

Program för 10 år med Stockholm Stress Center, förmiddagen den 14 november

0820-0830Opening - Per Naroskin & prof Mats Lekander
0830-0910Prof Carmine Pariante – The effects of stress on the brain and the body
0910-0950Prof Mats Lekander – Psychological treatment of stress-related disorders
1020-1100Prof Mika Kivimäki – Stress in the aetiology and prognosis of chronic diseases
1100-1140Prof Arla Day – The effects of workplace interventions on employees’ health and functioning
1140-1150Kort paus
1150-1230Prof Torbjörn Åkerstedt - Stress and recovery – is sleep important?
1230-1240Closing - Per Naroskin