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Organising committee

Hugo-Westerlund-1HUGO WESTERLUND

Hugo Westerlund is Professor of Epidemiology as well as Director and Head of the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University. He investigates how social and psychological exposures across the life course impact on health, mortality and quality of life. A recurrent theme has been labour market participation, and lately a main focus has been on ageing workers and retirement, as well as the prerequisites and consequences of extended working lives. Hugo works mainly with large, longitudinal cohort studies from several different countries, including the French GAZEL, British Whitehall II, and Swedish SLOSH and WOLF studies. He has a large network of leading social epidemiologists and is currently leading a multi-national project on determinants of healthy life expectancy as well as a Forte financed research programme on healthy and productive work in later life. He is also engaged in projects about open plan office environments, mental health development in early life, risk factors for sickness absence and presenteeism, and validation of questionnaires to assess the psychosocial work environment. An overarching ambition is to provide better evidence about causal relationships between modifiable environmental exposures and health outcomes, increasingly taking moderating factors such as personality  and genetics into account.

frel-6870-2Eleonor Fransson

Eleonor Fransson is associate professor in epidemiology at the School of Health Sciences in Jönköping. Her main research focus is on work and life-style factors in relation to chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke. She is a member of the steering committee for the WOLF study, and she has been working with the IPD-Work meta-analysis project on psychosocial work environment and chronic diseases.

Eleonor is also affiliated to the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet and to the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University.


Malin Bolin

Malin Bolin is PhD in sociology at the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. Her main research area is organizing of workplaces in relation to psychosocial working conditions and health of employees. She is interested in developing an organizational perspective on working conditions including understanding how organizations contribute to inequality between groups of employees. Malin is a member of the steering committee for the WOLF study. ).




mari_nordinMaria Nordin

Maria Nordin is associate professor in psychology at the Department of Psychology at Umeå University in Umeå. Her main research focuses on health psychology in general and occupational health psychology in particular. Her research in occupational health psychology involves studies on psychosocial factors (especially social support at work) and sleep, and studies on health in women in the manufacturing industry. Moreover, she is interested in the effect modification of organization type on individual factors and health. Maria is a member of the steering committee for the WOLF study and a member of the IPD-Work meta-analysis project.



PeterW130909 Peter Westerholm

MD; Professor emeritus , Uppsala University, Department of Medical Sciences, Occupational and Environmental Medicine from 2007 onwards. Earlier prof.em. to the National Swedish Institute of Working Life until 2007. Together with Lars Alfredsson founder and Principal Investigator to the Swedish WOLF project in 1992. Research interests, CVD and cancer epidemiology, mental strain at work and health outcomes.circadian rhythms, Health Services research in Occupational Health. Evaluation. Professional ethics.