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Prospective Work Environment Network

Welcome to ProWorkNet

The ProWorkNet Logo

ProWorkNet – a network for research of prospective data on work and health

ProWorkNet, the Prospective Working life study Network, is a network for prospective research on work environment, labor market participation and health. The network aims to

  • stimulate the use of prospective data regarding work and health
  • facilitate cooperation between research groups in Sweden
  • stimulate international research on swedish data
  • distribute knowledge of new, advanced methods in longitudinal modeling

Participating studies is the WOLF Study and SLOSH, as well as individual members of the IPD-Work consortium.


Areas of research

Noteworthy areas of research as exponents is psychosocial work environment, working hours, work organization and labor market participation. Among the areas of research regarding outcomes are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental illness, sick leave, and retirement. Other areas of interest is sleep, lifestyle, balance work-private life and social security.